To be a professional guide, one should be an expert in the skills needed to catch a fish. Any willing student can be taught these skills.  For that reason not every skilled angler will make an excellent guide. It takes much more than catching a few fish to qualify as a guide or staff member with KAYAK FISIHING DESTIN. We choose our staff with your satisfaction in mind. Our owners are also your guides. Our guides will become your friends. Each member of our staff is not just an expert in their field, but a fun, friendly, welcoming person to spend the day with. Join us to see for yourself.


AKA Bassasaurus Rex ( Sky’s Brother)
If you’re into kayak fly fishing, or just good fun conventional tackle Yak fishing Justin is surely a guide to please. Justin specializes in-shore, and off-shore fly fishing, and is an avid fly tying artist. He also has received publication in fishing magazines for his amazing catches. He has traveled all over from Alaska, to Upstate New York in search of his favorite fish “Steel Head”, big brown trout, and Salmon. Justin is a Destin native, and is very familiar with the local hot spots, as well as tidal, and current conditions, and puts our clients on fish more than not! As well as offering local services, Justin also Guides folks on many Trout/Salmon streams from North Carolina, to New York. Ask about Justin‘s night time fly fishing trips for an entirely unique fishing experience.


Half Hitch Kayak Pro, and owner of KAYAK FISHING DESTIN, Dave Posey, a native of Destin, Florida, has been fishing around the Panhandle for over 25 years. When Dave isn’t busy managing Half Hitch kayak sales or representing Half Hitch at local events, you’ll find him out on the water guiding with Kayak Fishing Destin catching blackfin tuna, redfish, trout, flounder, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, and generally having a blast! He has the experience, expertise, and advice to benefit all levels of kayak enthusiasts, so that they’ll have a great time, regardless of what happens as the day unfolds. For first class personal attention and a burning desire to GET OUT THERE and into kayaking and kayak fishing, Dave is your man.

Catch Dave Posey and Half Hitch on the Sportsman Channel with Chasin’ the Sun, a TV show dedicated to exploring the coastal lifestyle around Panama City Beach and surrounding area. Premiering January 3, 2016, and produced by Bay County Outdoors, the show will showcase exciting opportunities for kayaking and fishing.



Born and raised in South Africa, Sky has the experience of fighting South African native tigerfish. The tigerfish is widely recognized as the hardest fighting freshwater game fish on our planet. After moving from South Africa to Kansas he fished for walleye, stripers, and trout. After years of Freshwater Fly Fishing Sky  then made the trek to Florida where he began to explore saltwater fly fishing. He is an expert fly fisherman in both saltwater and freshwater and a great teacher for those who would like to learn how to throw the double haul.  Sky also ties some amazing flys. He is very laid back and a genuinely good dude. If you go fishing with Sky be assured that you  will have a great time and he will make sure you won’t miss out on an opportunity to catch some fish to bring home to mamma or wifey. 


Born and raised in Destin, Florida. Jeff has been fishing this area his whole life and knows where the fish live. He is a laid back dude and very nice guy. Jeff has a desire for fishing and loves to put people on fish. He is a very funny dude and a joy to be around!