Overnight Camping Kayak Fishing


GUIDED KAYAK FISHING AND OVERNIGHT/CAMPING TRIPS are for all groups of people that like to get away and experience a wonderful fishing/camping adventure. Your camp is typically on a remote island beach, so you can enjoy an evening campfire set up by our guides. October through most of the winter months are the best time for these trips when the weather cools down enough to build a nice campfire if the camping area permits it. Some camping areas do not allow campfires. Make sure you request a campfire if you want to camp where one is permitted.  From the launch point,  you will paddle to the destination point to set up camp with your guide. During this trip you can make overnight kayak excursions to fish areas that most anglers simply would never have time or ability to get to. These are wonderful experiences for groups or your entire family.  A sunrise and/or sunset excursion from the launch point  is a great part of the  experience.

We can partially or completely outfit your entire trip with food and beverages of your choice. For those seeking the ultimate experience, we recommend this trip.

This trip is most popular with anglers/outdoor lovers, and uses our camping gear, cooking gear, kayaks, and all of our fishing gear or a choice to bring your own. Simply stop by the grocery store on your way here if you want to pick up some extra necessities.

An experienced KFD guide will  be with you for the entire trip. He/she can and/or will handle the cooking and all other camp duties if cooking is requested for the trip. The guide will also bring along beach rods to fish at night for redfish, trout, flounder and many other fish as we enjoy the campfire. ASK US ABOUT OUR PRICING FOR KAYAK FISHING/OVERNIGHT CAMPING TRIPS.



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Capt. Dave Posey: (850)797-9632

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel more than 48 hours before your scheduled trip departure, a fee of $25.00 will be charged for each participant. If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled trip or kayak rental , no refund fees will be provided. No shows are responsible for 100% of Trip or rental fees.